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A wide range of devices is available to improve the power quality and ensure the best protection to professional equipment highly sensitive to electrical disturbances.
As a matter of fact, any equipment needs a correct powering to ensure its performance. When this condition is not complied with, there are failures, errors and premature ageing.
To protect sensitive equipment, it is possible to have recourse to several devices which, depending on their characteristics, complexity and cost, ensure different levels of efficacy.
The choice should be made by assessing the degree of protection required, the entity of failures and the direct and indirect costs these may cause. It is therefore useful to know the most common electrical faults in order to adopt the most adequate protection and avoid inefficiency and failures.
The power quality line products are: Ministab and Sterostab Voltage Stabilisers, Ecostab Voltage Optimiser, Ministatic and Steroguard IREM Line Conditioners, Integrated Power Supplies, Isolation Transformers, Minipower and Steropower Uninterruptible Power Systems.


The ideal renewable power source used by man since the beginning of time is water.
As a result of seventy years’ experience IREM ECOWATT HYDRO turbines, convert the energy of the water into electricity in a clean and respectful way for the environment.
Pelton and Banki turbines by IREM are a perfect solution for all places where the electrical energy is not available from the grid as well as for producing energy to be transferred into the power grid.
Apart the use on water streams, these turbines can be used in aqueducts, existing or brand new, in order to recover the energy, that otherwise has to be dissipated often through special and expensive equipment and transform an expensive service into a source of profit.
A considerable contribution to ecology is provided by ECOWATT HYDRO turbines, since the burning of vast quantities of fossil fuel and hydrocarbons, which are held to be widely responsible for air pollution and the greenhouse effect, can be helped to avoid.


IREM «Striking the light» products include power supplies and igniters for high pressure discharge lamps, used in different applications such as cinema projection, TV and motion picture shooting, stage lighting, events, marine searchlights, solar simulation, outdoor lighting etc.
The high intensity discharge lamps (xenon short arc, compact xenon cermax®, metal halide etc.) used by these applications have to be ignited by means of a high voltage discharge, generated by a high voltage igniter.
The proper operation of the system is ensured, after ignition, by an electromagnetic or electronic power supply.

IREM: Mario Celso receives the Scientific and Technical Award


IREM is an Italian company, founded in 1947, worldwide leader in design and manufacture of equipment for the control and generation of electric energy.
IREM products are used in various sectors such as: Power Quality, Energy Saving, Hydroelectric and Professional Lighting.
Its brilliant founder, Mario Celso, as a boy passionate of electrical engineering and cinema, in the late 40’s succeeded to realize his childhood dream creating the first electromechanical rectifier for carbon arcs used in cinema projection.
From this first rectifier, a comprehensive line of products dedicated to power and strike gas discharge lamps will take shape.
Soon the production is enhanced with the introduction of voltage stabilisers, starting a line of products designed to develop quickly to a full range of equipment able to solve the mains power problems.
In the 50’s in addition to the energy management, IREM enters the field of machines for the production of energy: the first hydroelectric turbines, capable of generating renewable energy exploiting the head and flow of water streams are designed and produced .
In 1992, Mario Celso receives the Scientific and Technical Award for his technological contribution to the development of the film industry from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.
Today, IREM is a protagonist on the international markets.

ISO 9001 since 1991

ISO 9001 since 1991

ISO 14001 since 2000

ISO 14001 since 2000

ISO 45001 since 2020

ISO 45001 since 2020


The constant investments in research and development allow to maintain the highest quality standards by continuing to develop innovative products capable to meet the demands of prestigious customers.
Quality, Safety and Environment are Corporate Values that IREM has pursued since its foundation as the basis of its organization and its development.


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